Sunday, 2 June 2013

June begins with Team Crossword, Jetpack Joyride and Doritos Crash Course 2

A poor total in May meant June needed to start well and within two hours of the new month, Team Crossword posted two new unlocks.

Community LeaderPower UserCommunity Leader (10G) unlocked during a multiplayer game for completing a word affected by a Community Hint while Power User (15G) popped up for utilising each power upon the game at least once.

Fuzzy LocksJames Who?In the afternoon, I went on Jetpack Joyride and after a good hour of effort on the collecting based achievements I was able to unlock six in quick succession beginning with James Who? (15G) for purchasing two jet-packs while Fuzzy Locks (5G) popped up for dying 99 times.

Pretty Woman
Class ActPretty Woman (10G) unlocked for purchasing a matching set of clothing while Class Act (15G) popped up for flying over 1km while wearing the Classy Suit, Top Hat and Traditional Jet-pack.

VeteranFor scienceFor Science (5G) unlocked for knocking over 1000 scientists and finally Veteran (15G) popped up for completing 40 missions.

Doritos Crash Course 2 with my girlfriend and we unlocked Jungle Fever (25G) for unlocking every course marked with a trophy in the Amazon Jungle.