Sunday, 9 June 2013

Angry Birds Star Wars Stellar Morning

Star Bird FanWalking CarpetAn hour on Angry Birds Star Wars saw six unlocks for the achievement chase beginning with Walking Carpet (10G) which unlocked when a turret gun hit Chewbacca six times in succession while Star Bird Fan (10G) popped up after reaching five hours playing time.

Magnificent Grumble
Imperial EntanglementMagnificent Grumble (10G) unlocked for hitting 300 blocks with Chewbacca, Imperial Entanglement (10G) popped up for hitting a Storm-trooper with a Tie-fighter wing.

Pork side of the Force
Ultimate Laser ShooterPork Side of the Force (10G) unlocked for failing a level ten times with a a solitary pig remaining and finally Ultimate Laser Shooter popped up for hitting 1000 blocks with a laser.