Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Rayman Legends Teensie Rescuing

GardenerPrincess savior!After seeing a stream of Rayman Legends the other night it inspired me to return to the game myself and did so with five unlocks beginning with Princess savior! (20G) for rescuing the ten princesses while Gardener (10G) popped up for pulling 100 turnips out of the ground.

I'm ahead!Invaders!Invaders! (20G) unlocked after saving enough Teensies to get rid of the Dark Teensies and make all of the Invasion paintings appear with I'm ahead! (10G) popping up for beating a friend's score in a challenge

That was fast!The night ended with That was fast! (10G) unlocking after going fast enough to save three Teensies in an Invasion painting.