Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Glacier Blast Begins March

Chilled WarPax ArticaA brilliant session on Glacier Blast saw eight unlocks to start the month beginning with Pax Artica (15G) for completing a multiplayer match with no players being left tileless with Chilled War (15G) popping up for completing a Feud without missing a round.
Am I Playing Right?Ain't got No Time to Lose!Ain't got No Time to Lose (5G) unlocked for being the first to place a breaker in each round of a Feud match while Am I Playing Right? (5G) popped up for breaking more of my own tiles than opponents in a single turn.

Better Him Than Me
I Never Liked This ColorBetter Him Than Me (15G) unlocked for removing an opponents last tile in a multiplayer match with I Never Liked This Colour (5G) for breaking three titles owned by an opponent in a single turn.

Chosen One!The Last BreakerThe Last Breaker (10G) unlocked for placing the last breaker in the final round of a match with the session ending after Chosen One (5G) popped up for changing a power tile to my colour and an opponent destroying it on the same turn.