Saturday, 30 August 2014

Rugby League Live Sets New TA Record

An afternoon session on Rugby League Live resulted in five unlocks but more importantly meant that 2014 would be the best ever year for TA point accumulation as the previous record of 25,593 set in 2010 tumbled with this year's current total of 26,020.

Premiership WinnerMinor PremierMinor Premier (50G) unlocked for sealing the League Leader Shield which was soon followed by Premiership Winner (100G) for winning the Grand Final.

Top GunTry MachineTry Machine (50G) unlocked for having the league's top try scorer which was accompanied by Top Gun (50G) for having the league's top points scorer.

Golden Point
The session ended with Golden Point (10G) for winning a game by a field goal in golden point overtime.