Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Deadlight Begins

During a browse of my game collection, I noticed that having downloaded Deadlight as the monthly free game a while ago that i had still to play it ans went on for an hour long session that resulted in seven unlocks.

What's on your mindLay your hands on meLay your hands on me (10G) unlocked for surviving an close encounter with What's on your mind (25G) popping up for finding a page of Randall's journal.

Knockin' on Heaven's DoorI Ran (So Far Away)I Ran (So Far Away) (5G) unlocked for escaping the warehouse and was soon followed by Knockin' On Heaven's Door (10G) for tackling a door.

Go back to hellAnother one bites the dustAnother one bites the dust (10G) unlocked for performing a combo on an enemy and soon joined by Go back to hell (10G) for executing an enemy.

Welcome to the JungleThe session ended with the unlocking of Welcome to the Jungle (5G) for reaching the Junkyard.