Saturday, 22 September 2012

F1 2012 Leaves The Pits

New game release in F1 2012 and began with the Young Driver Test and on the fourth test, I had to perform a flashback and in doing so unlocked Let's Try That Again (5G). In the Kers/DRS test I then unlocked Just A Taster (35G) for my first test gold medal.

A 1-2 of Earn Your Stripes (5G) and Graduation Day (25G) for earning all chevrons and fully completing the Young Driver Test.

Next I went into the Career mode and suddenly unlocked Made The Papers (20G) followed by The Pressure (5G) for setting a valid lap in One-Shot qualifying.

 Later on, FORMULA ONE Is Back! (5G) unlocked for completing my first race in Career mode.