Sunday, 30 September 2012

Angry Birds Swoops to Success

The evening began with me reaching Episode 2 of the Classic mode and Sniper (15G) unlocked for smashing a distant pig with a direct hit and Hyperefficient (10G) for finishing a level with a single bird.

Spirit Of St Louis (20G) unlocked a bit later for sending birds a total of 100km and Wright Flyer (10G) unlocked for making a bird fly 200m.

Completed Poached Eggs (15G) unlocked for completing Episode 1 without using the Mighty Eagle. At 11.59pm just before the daily TA cut off I unlocked Bacon (20G) for smashing 1000 pigs.

Sunday began unlocking instantly at 12.01 am with Block Breaker (10G) for smashing 5000 blocks.