Saturday, 11 January 2014

Rugby League Live 2 World Cup Scores Ten

Back-to-BackContainmentA three hour session yesterday on RL Live 2 World Cup saw a staggering ten achievements unlock beginning with Containment (15G) for forcing the opposition to play 65% or more in their defensive half while Back-to-Back (90G) popped up for scoring tries in consecutive sets.

Hat Trick
WinnersWinners (15G) unlocked for securing a first match win with Hat Trick (30G) popping up for scoring a hat trick with a player.

UnstoppableTrickyTricky (30G) was a very lucky unlock after scoring a conversion via a knock off the post with Unstoppable (15G) popping up after scoring ten tries in a single match.

Forward ThinkingCoach PleaserCoach Pleaser (15G) unlocked for finishing a game with a completion rate of 80% or above and was later joined by Forward Thinking  (15G) for converting a try with a forward and just like on the previous game I used Sam Powell.

StreakyHot PotatoHot Potato (15G) steamed in for completing seven passes in a single tackle phase with the night ending with Streaky (30G) for winning three consecutive matches.