Thursday, 16 January 2014

Disney Duo Join XBLA Debutants

Check This Out!Universal in Doritos Crash Course 2The past few days have seen a mix of games and Wednesday saw a similar fashion but with some new games involved but the day began with Doritos Crash Course 2 and the unlocking of Universal (15G) for finding and collecting 300 unique stars and next up was Disney Infinity with the first unlock being Check This Out! (20G) for downloading a Toy Box from Disney's Toy Boxes.

Pick Me!OmnipresentPick Me! (20G) unlocked for uploading a Toy Box to Disney's Toy Boxes while Omnipresent (20G) popped up for uploading a Toy Box to My Toy Boxes.

Special DeliveryAll ModesAll Modes (20G) unlocked after driving a car, piloting a helicopter and riding a mount with Special Delivery (20G) popping up for downloading a Toy Box from My Toy Boxes.

Defender of the UniverseCreator of WorldsCreator of Worlds (10G) unlocked for saving ten worlds to My Toy Boxes and the morning session ended with the popping up of Defender of the Universe (20G) for defeating 100 enemy A.I. in the Toy Box.
Hi, Starfish!
An' Oh, That Blowfish Blow!Later on, I went on Disney The Little Mermaid Undersea Treasures! which is in preview mode so only three achievements are unlockable and I got all of them so will be ready for the full version, the first unlock was An' Oh, That Blowfish Blow! (5G) for tapping the Blowfish five times for a hint. Hi, Starfish! (10G) popped up after clicking all the starfish in the Shipwreck mode.

Well OrderedShipwreck SleuthShipwreck Sleuth (10G) unlocked after earning 85,000 points on a single Shipwreck game and after a break, I went on Frogger on XBLA and quickly unlocked Well Ordered (15G) for filling the five home shots in order from left to right.

Greedy in Microsoft Minesweeper (Win 8)Chicken 1Chicken 1 (10G) unlocked for reaching home on level 1 after staying on the road until the time level hit red and then came a quick go on Microsoft Minesweeper and unlocked Greedy (10G) for gathering 10,000 gold on Adventure mode.

The night ended with the debut of Terraria and the unlocking of Terraria Student (5G) for beginning the Tutorial and brought the day's haul to 15 unlocks for a total of 210G and continues a stunning achievement streak which now sits at 81 in 18 days.