Sunday, 5 January 2014

Rayman Origins Combines With Sonic Transformed

Blue Baron!No Panic!The day began with the continuation of Rayman Origins and over the course of a three-hour session with mid hour breaks, four achievements were unlocked beginning with No Panic! (15G) for saving all Darktooned Wizards in 'Port 'O Panic' and was swiftly followed by Blue Baron! (35G) for beating the Giant Eel inside a minute on 'Aim for the Eel'.

Hover Happy!Back At You!Back At You! (15G) unlocked for bubblizing a Hunter with his own live missile with the session ending after Hover Happy! (20G) flew in for completing one hour of flight time.

Rank B in Sonic & All-Stars Racing TransformedNext up was Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed with a solitary unlock before the night came to an end which came as Rank B (10G) unlocked for earning the Class B licence.