Friday, 31 January 2014

Xbox Fitness/SvZ Continue as Ty The Tiger Begins

Furious Fists

UnstoppableA return to my fitness routine saw three gruelling workouts on Xbox Fitness with the extra reward of two unlocks beginning with Unstoppable (30G) for winning five drill challenges in a single session while Furious Fists (30G) popped up for throwing 1000 punches.

So LongClear the RoomI moved on to Samurai v Zombies Defense and soon unlocked Clean the Room (5G) for killing 250 undead with the Katana Wave ability while So Long (5G) popped up for killing the Demon Shogun.

They got thisThis land is SafeThis land is Safe (25G) unlocked for completing 50 waves while They got this (5G) popped up for beating a wave using only the farmer and swordsmith.

In The Nick Of TYmeYou've Still Got ItI purchased Ty The Tasmanian Tiger as part of the Win 8 Red Stripe deals for £2.59 and after a quick half-hour of play, I had earned four unlocks beginning with You've Still Got It (5G) for throwing a 'rang while In The Nick Of TYme (5G) popped up for completing a Time Attack.
Reptile Round-Up
In The Nick Of TYme Name In Lights (5G) unlocked for posting to a challenge leaderboard while Reptile Round-Up (5G) popped up for defeating 100 Frills.