Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Doritos And Windows 8 Mix

Frequent FlyerParty PooperThe day began with a quick go on Doritos Crash Course Go with two unlocks which began with Party Pooper (15G) for popping 25 balloons on a level while Frequent Flyer (10G) popped up for flying between fans twenty times.

Chain reactionGimme Five! in Microsoft Minesweeper (Win 8)A quick go on Microsoft Minesweeper saw Gimme Five (10G) unlock for playing the daily challenge five days in a row while next up was a new download on Windows 8 called Fishdom 3 Special Edition and the first unlock was Chain reaction (5G) for making a chain of three explosives.

For loyaltyTacticianTactician (10G) unlocked for clearing 120 pieces in single move and was soon followed by For loyalty (5G) for playing the game for a whole hour.

Frequent FlyerHunting for piecesHunting for pieces (15G) unlocked for removing 1000 pieces on a single level and I ended the night on the XBLA version of Doritos Crash Course which saw two unlocks beginning with Frequent Flyer (15G) for flying between fans twenty times.

Sore wa kantan desuSore wa kantan desu (10G) unlocked for finishing Japan level 4 in 1.40 or less and ended the night with a massive effort.