Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Windows 8 Takes Focus

After having a day focused on the Xbox One, I thought a session focused on Windows 8 would be a good achievement boost and after a seven unlock haul it proved to be a good idea.

CowardWe must protect this houseSamurai v Zombies Defence began the session and the first unlock was We must protect this house (5G) for completing ten waves without any gate damage while Coward (5G) popped up for completing a wave without attacking.
Get back here!Send them back
Send them back (5G) unlocked for killing 50 Oni and was swiftly followed by Get back here! (5G) for killing 50 chochinobake.

Dessert in Rayman Jungle Run (Win 8)Money BagsThe session ended with the unlocking of Money Bags (5G) for saving up 15,000 coins without spending it and then I had a quick go on Rayman Jungle Run and unlocked Dessert (20G) for collecting 2000 Lums.

Monster killer in Monster Island (Win 8)
The night ended with a go on Monster Island and the unlocking of Monster Killer (10G) for killing 50 monsters.