Monday, 20 January 2014

FIFA 14 Skills And Titles

LegendaryLegendary in FIFA 14After a brilliant double session on Saturday, Sunday saw another day session featuring both versions of FIFA 14 which led to five unlocks and began with Legendary (50G) for reaching the Legendary level on a skill game for which I chose the crossing game on the 360 and then did the same on the One minutes later so another Legendary (50G).

Moving On UpBeast ModeContinuing on the One version, I unlocked Beast Mode (10G) for straight arming a defender to protect the ball and later on up popped Moving On Up (55G) for gaining promotion in Seasons mode.

Bling BlingAfter gaining promotion, I sealed the divisional title and unlocked Bling Bling (100G) for earning a trophy in Seasons.