Monday, 27 January 2014

Rayman Legends Reaches 50% Completion

Let him do the jobBouncing IslandAfter beginning a return to Rayman Legends late Saturday night, I continued into Sunday either side of sleeping and unlocked a total of 14 achievements which put me at 56% completion of the game overall. Bouncing Island (10G) unlocked for collecting all the lums above the bouncing island in 'The Mysterious Inflatable Island while Let him do the job (10G) popped up for letting the Luchador kill ten enemies in ' Lucha Libre Get Away'.

Watch out!Mad world!Mad world! (10G) unlocked for completing the 'Marachi Madness' painting and was soon followed by Watch out! (10G) for killing ten Toads using their own projectiles.  

Everywhere!Challenger!Challenger! (20G) pinged in as I unlocked all the Challenge paintings and instantly, Everywhere! (10G) popped up for taking part in each of the four available challenges.

Rubber DucksFirst stepsFirst steps (10G) unlocked after winning my first Bronze cup in a challenge while Rubber Ducks (10G) popped up for destroying five ducks sent by Sharkmen.

We could be heroesSplash!Splash! (10G) unlocked after completing the 'Gloo Gloo' painting and was soon followed by we could be heroes (20G) for collecting enough lums to unlock ten Heroes paintings.
Journey to the moon
Teensies' heroTeensies' Hero (30G) unlocked for rescuing 300 Teensies and as the credits ran, Journey to the moon (40G) popped up for getting rid of all five Dark Teensies.
Dragon Rider!
Dragon Rider (10G) unlocked for completing the 'Dragon Sslayer' painting and the night ended with They're so cute (10G) for winning 30 creatures and brought up 210G for the day and pushed the achievement streak to 142 in 29 days and 137 for the year itself.