Tuesday, 21 January 2014

FIFA 14 Continues As Xbox Fitness Returns

After a late night on Sunday, Monday's gaming didn't begin until the late afternoon with the return of Xbox Fitness which saw me complete three workouts lasting a total of 40 minutes and despite my limited room space, I managed to complete 95% of the exercises but found at the end just how 
unfit I currently am as I was knackered but got unlocks as well as gaining fitness.

Better than the Rest (25G) unlocked for taking on the community in a drill challenge and winning while Home Fitness Improvements (25G) popped up after setting a new session best score which came after doing a workout that I had done I did a month ago that scored me 18,600 and this time around I hit 21,500 which was amazing. 

Better than the Rest
Home Fitness Improvements