Monday, 31 August 2015

Dogs, Spark, Fitness and Boggle

Match Game 25 in Project SparkThe penultimate post of the month covers the days from the 25th-30th starting with the 25th which saw a quick stop on Project Spark (X1) and the single unlock of Match Game 25 (75G) for making 25 matches in Treasure Trove.

Magic Smoke in Watch_DogsPerfection Perfected in Xbox FitnessThe next day saw a split starting with Xbox Fitness (X1) featuring the unlock of Perfection Perfected (75G) for completing 10 sessions with a 5-star rating. A quick go on Watch_Dogs (X1) saw Magic Smoke (10G) pop up after killing four enemies within a single instance of Focus.

Clear SignalsWho Is Raymond Kenney?The following day saw the same split but with two more unlocks on Watch_Dogs (X1) in the form of Who Is Raymond Kenney (10G) for completing Act 2 with Clear Signals (30G) popping up after unlocking every ctOS Tower.

One Down, One to GoAdvanced in Xbox FitnessA quick stop on Xbox Fitness (X1) saw Advanced (100G) unlock after earning a total of 100 workout stars. Watch_Dogs (X1) began the next day with four unlocks starting with One Down, One to Go (15G) for completing Act 3.

Disk Space FullVengeanceDisk Space Full (30G) clicked in after unlocking every song with the SongSneak app with Vengeance (15G) popping up after completing Act 4.

PeepholeLog OffLog Off (100G) unlocked after completing Act 5 with the session continued into the 29th with one more unlock in the form of Peephole (30G) after completing every Privacy Invasion.

Spelling Bee Contender in BoggleThe final day of the post saw the debut of Boggle (X1) with the single unlock of Spelling Bee Contender (50G) after finishing first in an online game.