Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Rare Replay's Huge Impact

Start Your EnginesThis post will feature four days ranging from the 4th-7th as just one game was played across the range in the form of new collection Rare Replay (X1) with the first session seeing a 17 unlock haul starting with Start Your Engines (15G) for playing R.C Pro-Am for the first time.

Join the Jet SetLet the Games BeginLet the Games Begin (15G) unlocked for playing Slalom for the first time and was soon followed by Join the Jet Set (15G) for playing Jetpac for the first time.

Strange New WorldsNo Time For DiplomacyNo Time For Diplomacy (20G) came after playing Killer Instinct Gold for the first time with Strange New Worlds (15G) popping up for playing Lunar Jetman for the first time.

Theater PatronSnakedown Cruise Snakedown Cruise (15G) unlocked for playing Snake Rattle N Roll for the first time and was instantly followed by Theater Patron (10G) for filling up the first ticket with stamps.

Can't Stop the SignalI Can Dig ItI Can Dig It (15G) unlocked for playing Digger T.Rock for the first time with Can't Stop the Signal (15G) popping up for playing Pro-Am II for the first time.

Insert CoinA Particular Set of SkillsInsert Coin (15G) unlocked after playing Battletoads Arcade for the first time and on the same game,  A Particular Set of Skill (15G) popped up for defeating 1000 enemies with standard attacks. 

Rash ActionFinish the FightFinish the Fight (15G) unlocked for completing every stage in Battletoads Arcade with Rash Action (10G) popping up for completing a Battletoads Arcade snapshot.

Back in AticForce FeedbackForce Feedback (20G) unlocked after playing Blast Corps for the first time with Back in Atic (15G) following for playing Atic Atac for the first time.

How Does One Apply The Brakes?Sabre RattlingSabre Rattling (15G) unlocked for playing Sabre Wulf for the first time with How Does One Apply The Brakes? (15G) popping up after skiing five kilometres on Slalom.

Mechanical SandwichGate ReviewThe next day saw another huge haul as 13 achievements unlocked starting with Gate Review (10G) for completing a Slalom snapshot with Mechanical Sandwich (10G) popping up after completing an R.C. Pro-Am snapshot.

The Professor's MemoirsNo Flies On YouNo Flies On You (10G) unlocked after completing a Battletoads snapshot and was followed by The Professor's Memoirs (30G) which popped up after sampling every Battletoads game in the collection.

Step On the Gas!Do You Have Battletoads?Do You Have Battletoads? (15G) unlocked after playing Battletoads for the first time and was followed by Step On the Gas! (10G) for completing an R.C. Pro-Am snapshot.

Lonely Out in SpaceAdded DepthAdded Depth (10G) unlocked after completing a Digger T.Rock snapshot with Lonely Out In Space (15G) popping up after playing Solar Jetman for the first time.

UnphasedSneaky SnakeSneaky Snake (10G) unlocked after completing a Snake Rattle N Roll snapshot with Unphased (10G) popping up after completing a Jetpac snapshot. 

Up in the GodsThe Shoulder of OrionThe Shoulder of Orion (10G) unlocked after completing a Lunar Jetman snapshot with Up in the Gods (10G) soon popping up for reaching the Player Rank of Follower.

Forced ApartCurtain CallCurtain Call (30G) unlocked after watching the credits which is the simplest unlock so far on this game. The day day saw another 13 unlocks starting with Forced Apart (20G) popping up for playing Jet Force Gemini for the first time.

A Whole New WurldeJump To ItA Whole New Wurlde (15G) unlocked for playing Underwurlde for the first time with Jump To It (10G) popping up for completing an Underwurlde snapshot.

The Explorer's DiarySheep's ClothingSheep's Clothing (10G) unlocked for completing a Knight Lore snapshot followed by The Explorer's Diary (30G) for sampling every Sabreman game in the collection.

New Sheriff in TownOpening KnightOpening Knight (15G) unlocked after playing Knight Lore for the first time with New Sheriff in Town (15G) popping up for playing Gunfright for the first time.

Made a SplashTake a Look at the LawmanTake a Look at the Lawman (10G) unlocked after completing a Gunfright snapshot with Made a Splash (10G) popping up for completing a Cobra Triangle snapshot.

Defying GravityGetting Your Sea LegsGetting Your Sea Legs (15G) unlocked after playing Cobra Triangle for the first time with Defying Gravity (10G) popping up after completing a Solar Jetman snapshot.

A.C.G. WhizzStiff Upper LipA.C.G. Whizz (10G) unlocked after completing an Atic Atac snapshot with Stiff Upper Lip (10G) popping up after completing a Sabre Wulf snapshot.

And the Kitchen SinkDojo Mojo The final day of the quartet saw two further unlocks on Rare Replay in the form of Dojo Mojo (20G) for sampling every game mode in Killer Instinct Gold and And the Kitchen Sink (30G) for completing the Collect-a-thon Playlist.