Monday, 10 August 2015

July Summary

After catching up a huge backlog with monthly summaries, I decided to continue with July before hopefully returning to daily updates as had proved successful before the deluge in recent months.


After June saw a welcome return to gaming highs, July went even further with a new record amount of unlocks in a month beating the previous record from December.

The biggest positive of the month was of course setting a new record but also the joy of having a new platform in the shape of Windows 10 to earn unlocks on.

In terms of numbers, July became only the second month to ever reach 200 unlocks with a haul of 235. This saw the biggest split between the two main platforms in the shape of 206 on the Xbox One and a slim 29 across the Xbox 360/Windows platforms. 

The month saw two games completed with Max:The Curse of Brotherhood and Lego Batman 3 both finished on consecutive days of the 18th/19th and both on the Xbox One. The 3,595 G collected in the month was great compared to the majority of the year as was the haul of 6824 TA with a split of 5,834 on the Xbox One and just 990 coming via the Xbox 360/Windows  platforms.