Wednesday, 1 July 2015

June 2015 Summary

After catching up a huge backlog with monthly summaries, I decided to continue with June's before returning to daily updates as had proved successful before the deluge in recent months.


As May suffered due to busy days away from gaming, June saw a return of the success which has dominated the first half of the year.

The biggest positive of the month was reaching the all-time goal of 50 completed games which has taken just under eight years to do.

In terms of numbers, June succeeded in reaching 100+ unlocks after May's narrow miss and did so with 122 overall split between 69 on the Xbox One and 53 on the Xbox 360/Windows 8 platforms.

The 2,325 G collected was down on previous months but enough to continue steady progress towards the year's goals.

After May's decline, TA points in June topped 5,000 with 5,444 overall with a split of 4,307 on the Xbox One and just 1,137 coming via the Xbox 360/Windows 8 platforms.