Monday, 31 August 2015

Dogs, Spark and Rare Replay

Karaoke Superstar in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive EditionMartial Law in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive EditionThis next post features the days of the 20th-24th which began with a quick go on Sleeping Dogs (X1) and the single unlock of Martial Law (15G) for defeating all four Martial Arts Clubs. The session continued into the next day with Karaoke Superstar popping after achieving 90% for all Karaoke songs in the bar.

Three-peat in Project SparkBig Smiles All Around in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive EditionBig Smiles All Around (50G) unlocked after completing Big Smile Lee with a quick stop on Project Spark (X1) resulting in Three-peat (50G) for making three matches in a row in Treasure Trove.

The Day is Just BeginningBig Money in Project SparkThe 22nd saw  Project Spark (X1) continue with Big Money (75G) popping up after clearing a board in the Treasure Trove with a move to Rare Replay (X1) featuring two unlocks starting with The Day is Just Beginning (20G) for playing Conker's Bad Fur Day for the first time.

Over At the Frankenstein PlaceK-Lobb-erative EffortOver At the Frankenstein Place (20G) ended the day after playing Grabbed by the Ghoulies for the first time. The session continued into the next day in the form of six unlocks starting with K-Lobb-erative Effort (20G) unlocking after playing each character in Killer Instinct Gold.

The Director's ChairA Historic VictoryA Historic Victory (30G) popped up after playing as Gargos on Killer Instinct Gold with The Director's Chair (30G) following after viewing all the 'Making Of' features in Rare Revealed.

A Gallery Seat
Get a Grip!Get a Grip! (15G) unlocked after collecting 50 upgrades on R.C. Pro-Am which led to the accolade of A Gallery Seat (20G) for earning the Player Rank of "Enthusiast".

Waging WarAsk Questions LaterA third day on Rare Replay (X1) saw two further unlocks in the shape of Ask Questions Later (15G) for firing 250 bullets on Gunfight and Waging War (15G) for shooting 100 money bags on Gunfight.