Friday, 10 October 2014

4OD Combines With Madden NFL 15/Dead Rising 3/AgeOf Empires

For Pleasure in 4oDFor Pleasure in 4oDSeptember 16th began with a combined session on 4OD and Madden NFL 15 which resulted in two unlocks apiece beginning with Looking Forward (0G) for watching my first episode on 4OD which was instantly followed
by For Pleasure (0G) for enjoying 4OD for an hour.

Easy Peasy in Madden NFL 15 (Xbox One)Fundamentally Sound in Madden NFL 15 (Xbox One)Fundamentally Sound (15G) for earning at least one bronze medal in all five Basic Offence drills inside of Skills Trainer which was later followed by Easy Peasy (5G) for creating a Madden Ultimate Team squad.

Quick Off the BlockYou Have Your Own StyleThe Madden session continued into the 17th which saw six further unlocks beginning with You Have Your Own Style (25G) for building a MUT squad with a team style of at least 20. Quick Off the Block (30G) soon followed after performing the off the line mechanic.

Master NegotiatorAccomplishedAccomplished (20G) popped up for completing a MUT set which came after some luck with the specially required cards which led to the popping up of Master Negotiator (15G) for winning a MUT auction.

Let 'Em KnowYoink!
Yoink! (10G) unlocked after downloading a piece of content from Madden Share with Let 'Em Know (10G) following for rating the downloaded piece of content from Madden Share was was the final action of the session.  

Nick's WardrobeFrank's Wardrobe
Later on, I went on Dead Rising 3 with my usual co-op partner in Tonyboykid and came away from the session with four unlocks beginning with Nick's Wardrobe (20G) for unlocking all of Nick's costumes before Frank's Wardrobe (20G) popped up for unlocking all of Frank's costumes.

Team PlayerThe Whole Crew
The Whole Crew (50G) unlocked instantly after the above duo for unlocking all costumes before the session and the day culminated in the popping up of Team Player (10G) for successfully playing with 10 different players.

The Dark Ages in Age of Empires: Castle Siege (Win 8)September 18th was a busy day away from gaming so only a quick play on Age of Empires:Castle Siege was permitted which resulted in a single unlock in the form of The Dark Ages (5G) for advancing to the Second Age.