Saturday, 11 October 2014

September 2014 Summary

After August ended the run of centurion months in 2014, September more than made up the deficit with a superb 139 unlocks in a month that saw two all-time records broken.

August saw the most TA accrued in a year record broken and September followed with the other two scoring records being breached with the most gamerscore accrued and most achievements unlocked in a single year. This means no matter what happens in the final quarter of the year, 2014 is my best gaming year of all-time.

September 2014 (2013 in brackets)

139 Achievements unlocked (79)

13 Games played  (5)

4070 A points (2183) 

2530 Gamerscore (1505)

This year as mentioned above will be my best ever gaming year and will certainly see most of the remaining  gaming goals reached in a single year with the next big gamerscore goal now at 125,000G.