Monday, 27 October 2014

GTA: San Andreas Makes Surprise Debut

I Did It My Way! Up, Up, Down, Down...The day began with the continuation of viewing Stallion83's Extra Life 24 hour stream on Twitch but my gaming began in the early afternoon with a snapped session on True Achievements and Forza Horizon 2. The TA app resulted in five achievements which began with Up, Up, Down, Down... (0G) for rating an achievement solution with I Did It My Way! (0G) for sorting and filtering a list simultaneously.

Simul-TA-neousA New Challenger Appears!A New Challenger Appears! (0G) unlocked after viewing a currently running challenge before Simul-TA-neous (0G) popped up after unlocking an achievement while having the solution snapped which will be mentioned later on.

A Wild Drivatar Appears!Challenge Accepted!Challenge Accepted (0G) came after completing a challenge with its solution snapped which came in the form of Building up a collection for buying 20 cars in October on Forza Horizon 2 which saw three achievements starting with the the above mentioned solution for A Wild Drivatar Appears! (10G) for winning three head-to head races against Drivatars carrying a Bounty.

Pink WristbandLoyal (25G) unlocked for earning a total of 500,000 XP for my online club which ironically it the True Achievements club with the session ending after the popping up of Pink Wristband (20G) for obtaining the Pink Wristband.

Later in the evening after a shock announcement earlier in the week on the horizon of its 10 year anniversary of release, Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas launched on the Xbox 360 with re-mastered graphics and packed with achievements which I unlocked five of in my first play.

Assert Yourself Next TimeGetting StartedA superb recall of teenage memories began with Getting Started (20G) unlocked after meeting up with the crew and escaping the Ballas which was followed by the popping up of Assert Yourself Next Time (10G) after failing a mission.

Get a PumpRepresentRepresent (10G) unlocked after purchasing a Grove Street tattoo with Get a Pump (10G) popped up after working the arms and the chest in the Gym.

Pay 'n' SprayThe session and the day came to and with the unlocking of Pay 'n' Spray (20G) for cooling the heat with a slick new paint job.