Saturday, 25 October 2014

Need For Speed: The Run Combines With Project Spark

Thunder Road in Need for Speed: The RunThe previous night's session on Need For Speed: The Run continued into the next day resulting in a single unlock in the form of Thunder Road (25G) for completing Stage 6.

Have a WeekEntertain SomeoneLater in the day, I went on Project Spark on Windows 8 and got a lot of cross-synced unlocks from the Xbox One version starting with Entertain Someone (5G) for having one of my worlds downloaded with Have a Week (10G) popping up for completing a Weekly Challenge.

Goal OrientatedA Small StepA Small Step (5G) unlocked for completing a Tier 1 Milestone which was followed by the popping up of Goal Orientated (10G) for completing 20 Goals.

Challenge ChampChallenge AcceptedChallenge Accepted (5G) unlocked for completing 10 challenges with Challenge Champ (10G) following for completing 50 challenges.

Adept CreatorNovice CreatorNovice Creator (5G) unlocked for reaching Spark level 5 and was followed by Adept Creator (10G) for reaching Spark level 10. 

Scarlett ChallengerKarlsnor ChallengerKarlsnor Challenger (10G) unlocked after completing 10 Champion Challenges with Karlsnor with Scarlett Challenger (10G) popping up for completing 10 Champion Challenges with Scarlett.

Only the beginningWhose line is it?Whose line is it? (5G) unlocked after editing the Crossroads dialogue with Only the beginning (5G) popping up for completing my first Crossroads side quest. 

Sharing Means CaringKarlsnor HeroKarlsnor Hero (10G) unlocked after completing my first Crossroads experience with Karlsnor with Sharing Means Caring (5G) popping up for sharing my first world.

Re-writing HistoryRe-writing History (5G) unlocked for sharing my first remix world and completed the session.