Saturday, 25 October 2014

Project Spark Meets True Achievements And Twitch Apps

Lights, Camera, ActionNinjas?The day began with a session on the Xbox One version of Project Spark resulting in five achievements beginning with Lights, Camera, Action (5G) for recording my first Kinect Capture with Ninjas? (5G) popping up for tinting all clothing pieces black.

Scarlett's NemesisDecision MakerScarlett's Nemesis (10G) unlocked after defeating the Fallen Ranger with Scarlett in Crossroads with Decision Maker (10G) popping up after making a total of 100 Crossroad choices.

Raging GoblinThe session ended with the unlocking of Raging Goblin (10G) for reaching level 10 with Karlsnor. In the afternoon, there was joy at the announcement of the True Achievements app finally being released and after a quick explore, I came away with six unlocks.

Basic ReconThe First Rule of TrueAchievements...The First Rule of TrueAchievements... (0G) unlocked after signing in to the app with Basic Recon (0G) following after viewing an achievement solution.

CriticMETAMETA (0G) unlocked after viewing the TrueAchievements app achievement list with Critic (0G) popping up for rating a game.

The Ratio Is NOT A LieSNAPPED!!!Snapped!!! (0G) unlocked after snapping the TrueAchievements app which looks amazing by the way with the session ending with the popping up of The Ratio is NOT A Lie (0G) for viewing an achievement with a ratio higher than a 10.

Hipster in TwitchLater on, I did a viewing on Twitch and got a surprise unlock in the form of Hipster (0G) for watching one hour of live video on Twitch channels that have less than 10 viewers.