Friday, 10 October 2014

FIFA 15 Debuts With Nutjitsu

Ahead of the long awaited release of FIFA 15 on the Xbox One, I spotted the free download of the Windows 8 version and had an evening session which resulted in 17 of the possible 20 achievements.

Hat TrickOne on One The session began with the unlocking of  with One on One (5G) for scoring after going one-on-one with the goalkeeper. Hat Trick (10G) soon popped up for scoring three goals in a match with the same player.

Natural born talentA Handful Of Goals
A Handful of Goals (15G) then unlocked for scoring five goals in a match with the same player with Natural born talent (20G) soon popping up for successfully scoring a goal with the goalkeeper.

First StepLong Range
Long Range (10G) unlocked for scoring with a shot from more than 30m away from the goal ans the culmination of my opening match saw First Step (5G) pop up for winning my first match. 

A Job Well DoneAttacking Rage
Attacking Rage (15G) unlocked after winning a game with 10+ shots on goal and 70% shot accuracy which was accompanied by A Job Well Done (10G) for winning by scoring with all possible starting line-up attackers.

Clean sheetFeather touch
Clean Sheet (5G) unlocked after finishing a match without conceding a goal followed by Feather Touch (10G) for having no fouls awarded against my team in a match. 

FairplayIron Defense
Fairplay (5G) unlocked for receiving no yellow or red cards during a match and was soon followed by Iron Defense (10G) for winning a game without conceding a goal and with a 70% successful tackling rate.

Defence Is the Best AttackInspirationInspiration (10G) unlocked for scoring with a subbed-in player which as a result saw Defense Is the Best Attack (15G) pop up for winning a game with only goals from defenders. 

Aerial ThreatOne-Two MasterLast Man StandingOne-Two Master (10G) unlocked after scoring a goal after successfully pulling a one-two move with Aerial Threat (5G) popping up for scoring with a header after a cross with the session ending with the unlocking of Last Man Standing (5G) for gaining possession after performing a sliding tackle as a last defender.

Squirreled AwayNinja's Dozen
September 25th saw another new game in the form of Nutjitsu which featured two unlocks beginning with Squirreled Away (25G) for collecting 10 acorns with Ninja's Dozen (75G) kicking in for outrunning 12 foxes that were on my trail.