Friday, 24 October 2014

Need For Speed: The Run Races In

After browsing my backlog game collection, I spotted Need For Speed: The Run and after finding out I hadn't played in in just under three years, I went on for an evening session which resulted in nine unlocks.

Show OffWhat else you got?What else you got? (15G) for beating a Friend Recommendation which was soon followed by Show Off (15G) for posting a photo using Photo Mode. 

Current EventsWalk in the ParkCurrent Events (10G) unlocked for reading a News Article and then I went onto the story mode and after a bit of racing, Walk in the Park (25G) popped up for completing Stage 2.

King for a DayVegas Baby!Vegas Baby! (25G) unlocked for completing Stage 3 with  the instant pop up of King for a Day (25G) popping up for becoming a Stage Leader.

Street RacerCop OutCop Out (25G) unlocked for completing Stage 4 and resulted in the popping up of Street Racer (15G) for reaching Driver Level 10. 

Mr. PlowThe session ended with the unlocking of Mr.Plow (25G) for completing Stage 5 which took a lot of effort given it was a wintery stage.