Saturday, 11 October 2014

NFL And FIFA 15 Score On Xbox One

Fan FavoriteKickoff!
September 26th began with a debut of the NFL app which ran along watching Giants vs Redskins and featured three unlocks beginning with Fan Favourite (0G) for picking a favourite team and soon followed by Kickoff! (0G) for successfully using the NFL app on Xbox One.

On Your WayNFL Now, Right Now
NFL Now, Right Now (0G) unlocked after checking out the NFL Now channel and was the final action of the session. Later in the day, I began the Xbox One version of FIFA 15 which saw three unlocks beginning with On Your Way (75G) for reaching level 15 in the EA SPORTS Football Club which continued on from previous versions so was an instant unlock.

SkilledI'm Better
I'm Better (15G) unlocked for beating a Friend's Skill Game Score which soon led to the popping up of Skilled (15G) for unlocking a Skill Challenge. 

I'm not afraid of youCheck Me Out
The session continued into the following day which saw five unlocks beginning with Check Me Out (5G) for sharing an EA SPORTS Football Activity and was soon followed by I'm not afraid of you (10G) for challenging the Team of the Week in FUT.

GenerousOh Sure, blame your captain
Oh Sure, blame your captain (15G) unlocked for changing my captain in FUT which then led to the popping up of Generous (15G) for gifting an EA SPORTS Football Club catalogue item.

Big SpenderDouble Trouble
Double Trouble (10G) unlocked for starting a co-op season with a friend and the session continued into the next day which saw two unlocks beginning with Big Spender (10G) for purchasing an EA SPORTS Football Club catalogue item.

Here's What I Think Of ThisWoodwork!
Woodwork (15G) unlocked for scoring off the post or cross bar in a match and another cross-day session led into September 29th which saw seven unlocks beginning with Here's What I Think Of This (5G) for rating an EA SPORTS Football Club Activity. 
Weird ScienceRound the Keeper
Round the Keeper (15G) unlocked for beating the keeper one-on-one and scoring which was soon followed by Weird Science (5G) for applying a first Chemistry Style consumable in FUT.  
Mr. ManagerBest in Show
Best in Show (100G) unlocked after successfully winning a division title in FUT Seasons with Mr.Manager (5G) popping up for creating a new Team Sheet.  
TacticianGetting Specific
Getting Specific (5G) unlocked after assigning player instructions to a player in a Team Sheet with the session ending with the popping up of Tactician (5G) for changing the tactics in the Team Management during a match.  
Four in a RowAll for One
The month ended with a session on 4oD which saw three unlocks beginning with All for One (0G) for watching four episodes from the same channel with Four in a Row (0G) popping up for watching four episodes on 4oD.
Thoughts? in FIFA 15 (Xbox One)Force of Habit
Force of Habit (0G) unlocked for spending a total of four hours watching 4oD and later on I had a quick go on FIFA 15 which saw just a single unlock in the form of Thoughts? (5G) for commenting on an EA SPORTS Football Club Activity.