Monday, 13 October 2014

Forza Horizon 2 Drives In

Welcome to Horizon EuropeAfter catching up on the backlog of posts and getting a new 2TB HDD for the Xbox One, I was able to buy and install Forza Horizon 2 which was debuted in an evening session yesterday which resulted in a total of nine unlocks beginning with Welcome to Horizon Europe (10G) for arriving at the Horizon Festival.

WanderlustYellow WristbandYellow Wristband (10G) unlocked for successfully obtaining the Yellow Wristband which was soon followed by Wanderlust (10G) for completing a Road Trip which in this case was the trip to Casteletto.

First of ManyWelcome to Castelletto
Welcome to Casteletto (25G) instantly followed for arriving at Casteletto for the first time which led to the first chance at a Championship and then saw First of Many (10G) pop up for winning my first Championship race.

One Down!Number OneNumber One (10G) unlocked after successfully winning my first Championship which as above was done at the first attempt while in Casteletto. While free roaming, I spotted a green icon which led to a special mission which when completed saw One Down! (10G) pop up for completing a Solo Bucket List challenge.

Rain MasterWelcome to Nice
After completing the challenge, I took part in the next Road Trip which was to Nice and led to the unlocking of Welcome to Nice (25G) for arriving at Nice for the first time with the session ending with the popping up of Rain Master (10G) for completing a race in the rain.