Friday, 5 September 2014

Super Time Force Rapidly Begins

The Xbox One Games With Gold for September is Super Time Force and after downloading on Monday, finally it was given a debut yesterday which resulted in seven unlocks in an hour-long session.

Talent Scout
That Was QuickThat Was Quick (20G) unlocked for dying within three seconds of spawning and Talent Scout (20G) soon popped up for adding a new team member to the Super Time Force.

Gotta Save Them All!Number One ShardNumber One Shard (20G) unlocked for getting the first Shard badge which was soon followed by Gotta Save Them All! (50G) for completing a level without leaving any saveable team members behind.

Team Player3 Birds 1 Stone3 Birds 1 Stone (20G) unlocked after killing three enemies with a single charge shot from Aimy McKillin followed by Team Player (30G) for preventing the death of 50 members of the Super Time Force.

198X Completed!198X Completed (40G) unlocked after completing the 198X time zone and was the final unlock of the session.