Tuesday, 2 September 2014

FIFA Street Success Seals 100,000G Goal

After seven years, one month and five days, I can finally say that I have completed my all-time gaming goal of reaching 100,000 gamerscore. I did so with a final plan featuring three games that I selected only recently in order to reach 10,000G on the Xbox One and 90,000G across the Xbox 360 and Windows 8 platforms.

Tower Up in SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate CollectionThe hallowed day began with a play on Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection on the Xbox 360 and had a go on the Golden Axe II game and eventually unlocked Tower Up (35G) for completing the third level entitled 'Tower Level'.

Roger That! in Crimson DragonNext up was a quick go on Crimson Dragon on the Xbox One and a quick achievement in the shape of Roger That! (20G) after issuing the wingman communicator and issuing a voice command which put my Xbox One total to 10,000G and left my overall total just 100G from the 100,000G.

World Grand Champion in FIFA StreetDue to having planned my last unlock for the goal, only a quick play on FIFA Street was needed in order to unlock World Grand Champion (100G) for winning stage four of the World Tour and in doing so put my Xbox 360/Win 8 total to 90,000G and my overall total to 100,000 which seemed the best place to end the day and the month itself. 

A video of the final day can be seen below with some of the best images of the achieved goal....