Monday, 3 November 2014

Nutjitsu Swings With Powerstar Golf

The Scenic Route in NutjitsuA split session on the Xbox One saw a total of four achievements which began with the carried over play on Nutjitsu from the previous day and resulted in the unlocking of The Scenic Route (100G) for finishing a game on Shizuka Woods, Dangai Heights and Bamboo Glade levels.

City SlickerDesert ExplorerLater in the day, I had a quick stint on Powerstar Golf which began with the unlocking of Desert Explorer (5G) for completing a round on Coyote Canyon under par and was soon followed by City Slicker (5G) for completing a round on City Park under par.

Reading the GreenThe session ended with the unlocking of Reading the Green (20G) for sinking five putts from at least ten feet away using Astrid's Putt Prediction skill.