Sunday, 23 November 2014

Xbox One Duo Star In Best Ever TA Day

A day that began as a small session on Max: The Curse of Brotherhood ended with a record day of TA points as well as becoming the second best day in my gaming history in terms of a gamerscore with 1705 TA and 875G earned across three games including the aforementioned one.

There You Are!What's That Smell?
So the day did start with Max : The Curse of Brotherhood which saw a stunning nine achievements claimed and started with What's That Smell? (25G) for lighting 25 enemies on fire while There You Are! (10G) popping up for finding Felix.

Burn, Baby, Burn.Trust Me
Trust Me (50G) unlocked for stealing back Felix without him dying (i.e without reloading a checkpoint) and was soon followed by Burn, Baby, Burn (10G) for taking care of the Beast once and for all.

Amulet HunterYour Brother's KeeperYour Brother's Keeper (75G) unlocked for defeating Mustacho and saving Felix which took a lot of effort was good practice for a future unlock with Amulet Hunter (50G) popping up for finding and assembling 12 pieces of the lost Amulet.

Kingdom of the BlindTree of Life
Tree of Life (75G) eventually unlocked after finding and assembling all 18 pieces of the Amulet for the Old Lady while Kingdom of the Blind (75G) looked in for finding and destroying all 75 of Mustacho's Evil Eyes.

No Stranger to Danger
Due to completing the Story mode and all of the collectibles, I attempted one of the three remaining challenges and soon unlocked No Stranger to Danger (50G) for defeating Mustacho without dying even once which was made easier by the practice mentioned earlier on and meant a total of 420G had been earned in the session.

Speed FreakChallenge Maniac in Project Spark (Win 8)
A quick in and out go on Project Spark on Windows 8 saw a single unlock in the form of Challenge Maniac (15G) for completing 100 Challenges which carried over from the Xbox One version.  The afternoon/evening saw a long session on Super Time Force which saw an amazing haul of 14 achievements starting with Speed Freak (50G) for completing any level with 30 second remaining on the clock.

I Challenge You to a DuelYear 673 Completed!Year 673 Completed! (40G) unlocked for completing the Medieval time zone which led to the popping up of I Challenge You to a Duel (20G) for completing a Medieval level using only Lou Don Jim.

Defence is the New OffenceAsplosion
Defence is the New Offence (30G) unlocked after beating any level using only Shieldy Blockerson while Asplosion (20G) popped up for using Jef's highly explosive rocket launcher to explode 15 enemies on a single level.

ImpartialityBaby's First Glorb
Baby's First Glorb (20G) unlocked for getting my first Glorb Badge while Impartiality (20G) popped up for completing any level using six or more members of the Super Time Force.

Range of Fire9600 BC Completed!
9600 BC Completed! (40G) unlocked for completing the Ancient Atlantis time zone and soon went on to pop Range of Fire (20G) for firing seven different charged attacks in a single level.

1,000,000 BC Completed!Whole Lotta Lead
1,000,000 BC Completed (40G) unlocked after completing the Prehistoric time zone and led to the popping up of Whole Lotta Lead (30G) for firing 5000 rounds with Jean Rambois' machine gun.

The RunsYear 199X Completed!
Year 199X Completed! (40G) unlocked for completing the Post-Apocalypse time zone which in doing so saw The Runs (50G) pop up for completing a run with Squirty Harry.

Head BangerHead Banger (20G) unlocked for killing an enemy by bouncing on it's head and did so by using Shieldy Blockerson  and seemed a good time to end the session with this game adding 440G to the total.

So a best ever TA points haul in a day and a second best for gamerscore on a day where nothing was planned shows a run of unlocks can happen at any time but was nice to do so on the eve of the Xbox One's first anniversary.