Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Batman Arkham City Celebrates Sunset Overdrive Debut

Party's OverThe previous day's session on Batman Arkham City spilled over and resulted in a single unlock in the form of Party's Over (50G) for popping all 30 Harley Balloons which took a lot of effort including two playthroughs of the DLC.

OverachieverOh the Horror!After a long-awaited release since its announcement at E3 2013, Sunset Overdrive made its debut in a mix of colour and action which put it firmly in my top ten games of 2014 with four achievements coming in the session. Oh the Horror! (30G) unlocked after surviving Horror Night while Overachiever (10G) popped instantly for the previous unlock.

Grind KillsDusk Til DawnDusk Till Dawn (30G) unlocked after surviving one night in a Fort with Grind Kills (5G) popping up for killing 100 enemies while grinding.