Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Xbox One Blitz Over Two Days

Enemy Strongholds in NutjitsuI'm ahead! in Rayman Legends (Xbox One)November 9th and 10th saw a spread of games based on the Xbox One with Rayman Legends and Nutjitsu on the first day and each resulting in a single unlock, I'm ahead! (10G) unlocked for beating a friend's score in a challenge with Enemy Strongholds (100G) popping up for finishing a game on Redclaw's Castle, Teikoku no Yousai and Base Camp Shichi.

Survivalist in Hexic HDGrand Ninja in NutjitsuThe second day saw a wide spread of 16 achievements across six games which began with Nutjitsu becoming my 38th completion after the unlocking of Grand Ninja (200G) for achieving the maximum rank. I had a quick switch over to the Xbox 360 on Hexic HD with a single unlock in the form of Survivalist (15G) for beating Survival mode.

Just kick it!Just kick it!Back to the Xbox One and on Rayman Legends with a duo of achievements in the form of  Just kick it! (10G) for winning a Kung Foot game (thanks to some help from Tonyboykid) and Splinter Ray (10G) for finishing "Mansion of the Deep" without crossing any light or laser.

Strike from the SkiesHoneymoon in Chariot Next up was a quick stint on Chariot which saw a single unlock in the form of Honeymoon (10G) for playing a level from beginning to end with a second player which was possible thanks to more help from Tonyboykid's loaning of a second controller. A switch to Crimson Dragon followed with a duo of achievements starting with Strike from the Skies (50G) which strangely unlocked after only one mission despite actual target being every mission.

Alone in the DarkSeekers UniteOf course, Seekers Unite (10G) instantly popped up as it should have given I had completed one Multiplayer mission which was followed by an afternoon session on Max:The Curse of Brotherhood which excelled with nine achievements starting with Alone in the Dark (10G) for completing the level "Alone in the Dark".

Master of VinesGreenfingersMaster of Vines (15G) unlocked for drawing 200 vines while Greenfingers (25G) popped up after making the world a little greener with a total of 700 drawings.

Master of WaterBy the Skin of your TeethBy the Skin of your Teeth (10G) popped up after escaping the Beast with Master of Water (15G) popping up for drawing 200 water streams which looked amazing in terms of graphics.

Eye Bye ByeSome Assembly RequiredEye Bye Bye (50G) unlocked after destroying 50 of Mustacho's Evil Eyes which was soon followed by Some Assembly Required (25G) after finding and assembling six amulet pieces. 

Master of FireDeadshotDeadshot (25G) unlocked after a triple henchman kill at the end of 5-2 and in doing so with the use of fireballs, Master of Fire (15G) popped up for drawing a total of 200 fireballs which was a good way to end the session and the day as a whole.