Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Sunset Overdrive Upgrades And Survives

FavoriteChaos in Little TokyoA quick stint on Sunset Overdrive focused on testing out what the online play was like and after an hour or so trying out different modes, I came away with two achievements in the form of Chaos in Little Tokyo (25G) for surviving Chaos Squad in Little Tokyo district with at least 325 chaos. Favorite (10G) popped up for upgrading a gun to level 5.

BadgeAppreciationThe session spilled over into the next day which resulted in a total of seven achievements beginning with Appreciation (5G) unlocking for watching the credits from start to finish with Badge (20G) popping up after earning a badge.

The 0.1%OverdriveOverdrive (20G) unlocked after combining badges to make an overdrive while The 0.1% (10G) popped up after spending 25,000 Overcharge.

Amped UpBuck NationalBuck National (20G) unlocked after becoming a reality star with Amped Up (10G) popping up after having five AMPs equipped at the same time.

Plan BThe session end with the unlocking of Plan B (35G) for surviving the glider crash and looking for an alternative way out of Sunset City.