Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Limbo Debuts In Style

Altitude is AttitudeWrong Way
After being announced as a special Year One gift for Xbox One early adopters, Limbo released just a day later and a two hour session saw five achievements starting with Wrong Way (70G) for 'that's not right' with Altitude is Altitude (70G) for 'exploration off the ground'.

Urban ExplorationIt's StuckIt's Stuck (70G) unlocked after 'preparing a dry landing' while Urban Exploration (70G) popped up after 'involving heavy lifting.

Alone in the Dark
Climbing the CogAlone in the Dark (70G) unlocked after going 'beneath the arthropod' to end the session but I resumed on the game the following day with Climbing the Cog (70G) popping up for 'not pulling the lever because you can'.

Climbing the CogThe final unlock of the day came in the early afternoon when serious back pain meant the session had to end with the unlocking of Backtracking (70G) for 'riding the crates'.