Sunday, 23 November 2014

Super Time Force Story Complete

After a record breaking day on the 21st, November 22nd which was the Year One anniversary of the Xbox One encouraged me to continue my Achievement Chase on the console and I did so by going on Super Time Force and earning a trio of achievements putting me just three away from completion.

OMG You Sharded!Year 3072 Completed!Year 3072 Completed! (40G) unlocked after completing the Future City time zone and was soon followed by OMG You Sharded! (75G) for shattering/collecting all shards in the game.

InfinityThe finale of the story took a lot of effort and eventually resulted in the unlocking of  Infinity (75G) for defeating Dr.Infinity which is best done using the Re-Bot and can be very effective at charged shots in comparison with other characters.