Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Sunset Overdrive Kills As Forza Horizon 2 Triumphs

Bounce KillsScout's HonorAn evening session on Sunset Overdrive resulted in a trio of achievements beginning with Scout's Honor (35G) for becoming an honorary Troop Member by finding Bryllcream and defeating Norton. Bounce Kills (5G) popped up after killing 100 enemies while bouncing in the air.

Bragging RightsUltra Mega KillUltra Mega Kill (20G) unlocked after killing over 500 pigeons in a special mission and was the last action of the session.  The following day saw a similarly lengthed session but on Forza Horizon 2 which resulted in a quintet of achievements which began with Bragging Rights (10G) for beating fellow players through 20 Speed Cameras.

Horizon ChampionStorage HunterStorage Hunter (20G) unlocked after finding and restoring all 10 Barn Finds with the latter coming ahead of the first Horizon Finale which led to the popping up of Horizon Champion (50G) for becoming the Horizon Champion.

Super Meet BoyHorizon LeaderAfter securing the first Horizon title, the choice of road trip changed which saw Horizon Leader (20G) unlock for choosing the Road Trip destination for the first time with the night ended with the popping up of Super Meet Boy (10G) for grabbing a livery, tuning setup, a car and entering a Showdown at a Car Meet.

Human GPSSocial CaterpillarDespite the night ending, the session reconvened the next day featuirng some co-op with Tonyboykid which led to two achievements starting with Social Caterpillar (10G) for competing in 20 Multiplayer Events. Human GPS (10G) popped up for successfully driving down all 315 roads featured in the game.