Monday, 16 December 2013

X360 Dash Sees Hits

A delayed post due to going out last night and getting horribly drunk but after four years without I made up for lost time but anyway back to the main focus which saw three games played on the 360 and the continuation of Peggle 2 on the One.

Coolest ClearUltra Extreme FeverPeggle 2 saw four unlocks beginning with Ultimate Extreme Fever (35G) for clearing all the pegs on a level instantly joined byCoolest Clear (50G) for winning a level with the cool clear style shot.
Every day I'm Pegglin'
I'd Hit ThatEvery Day I'm Pegglin' (10G) unlocked for hitting 10,000 Blue pegs with I'd Hit That (10G) popped up for hitting 300 Green pegs and ended the post midnight session.

1st kill1st mission complete in Hitman: Blood MoneyThe day session began with Hitman Blood Money which saw a single unlock in the shape of 1st mission complete (25G) for completing Death of a Showman on any difficulty.Hitman HD Trilogy was up next with four unlocks starting with 1st kill (10G) unlocking for performing a successful kill on Silent Assassin.
1st killKilled the wrong guy (10G) unlocked for killing an innocent person on Silent Assassin with Headshot (15G) popping up for performing a successful headshot on Silent Assassin.

25 Love Games1st Kill 1st kill (10G) unlocked for performing a successful kill on Contracts and I moved on to Virtua Tennis 3 which saw three unlocks beginning with 25 Love Games (30G) for achieving 25 Love Games.

10Km Running Distance
Rank #100 World Tour10KM Running Distance (30G) unlocked for running a total of 10km with Rank#100 World Tour (20G) swung in for reaching rank 100 in the World Tour.

The days haul brought the achievement streak to 299 in 57 days so the target of 300 in 60 days is guaranteed as to keep the streak going only one unlock is needed so the minimum will be 300 in 58 days.