Monday, 9 December 2013

Call Of Duty Ghosts Scares Up Unlocks

Ghost StoriesSpatial AwarenessAfter waiting a couple of weeks on the new game shelf, COD Ghosts finally got its first play session an amazing day it was for unlocks as 19 - yes Nineteen achievements unlocked as I played through 11 levels of the single player campaign. The unlocking began with Spatial Awareness (10G) for killing my first enemy on the campaign this came while in the Space Station. Ghost Stories (5G) popped up for completing the 'Ghost Stories' level.

Brave New WorldLiberty WallLiberty Wall (10G) unlocked for taking down both attack helicopters in Brave New World while Brave New World (10G) unlocked for completing the 'Brave New World' level.
No Man's Land
Struck DownNo Man's Land (10G) unlocked for completing the 'No Man's Land level while Struck Down (10G) soon followed for completing the 'Struck Down' level.

Legends Never DieHomecomingHomecoming (10G) unlocked for completing the 'Homecoming' level and was swiftly followed by Legends Never Die (10G) for completing the 'Legends Never Die' level.

Carbon FaceprintSleeping BeautySleeping Beauty (10G) unlocked after killing a sleeping enemy while rappelling and in the same sequence, Carbon Faceprint (10G) popped up for catching a photocopier with my face.

Federation Day
Burn Baby BurnFederation Day (10G) unlocked for completing the 'Federation Day' level while Burn Baby Burn (25G) fired in for destroying 80 fuel containers.

The HuntedBirds of PreyBirds of Prey (10G) unlocked for capturing Rorke while completing the 'Birds of Prey' level while The Hunted (25G) popped up completing 'The Hunted' level.

ClockworkDeep FreezeDeep Freeze (25G) skated in for dropping eight vehicles into ice holes which was done by shooting the fragile ice just in front of the chasing vehicles.Clockwork (25G) ticked in for completing the 'Clockwork' level.

Atlas FallsDavid & GoliathAtlas Falls (25G) unlocked for completing the 'Atlas Falls' level while David & Goliath (20G) popped up for taking down the LCS on the first attempt.

The night ended with the unlocking of  Into the Deep (20G) for completing the 'Into the Deep' level and annoyingly put me 20G short of 80,000G which would have been a great way to sign off such a brilliant day. The achievement streak rose to 246 in 51 days with 300 inside the next week or so a possibility.