Tuesday, 10 December 2013

COD Ghosts Campaign Completed As Xbox Fitness Pushes Past 80,000G

Jack-potEnd of the LineAnother successful day saw 12 unlocks over two different games with COD Ghosts beginning the day with an early morning session and the first unlock of the day was End of the Line (20G) for completing the 'End of the Line' level which pushed me to the milestone of 80,000G while Jack-pot (20G) cashed in for destroying 21 slot machines.

Ooh, Shiny!Sin CitySin City (20G) unlocked for completing the 'Sin City' level which ended the session as I went off to bed but midday saw me play Xbox Fitness for the first time and score two unlocks beginning with Ooh Shiny! (25G) for earning my first workout star.

ChallengingEnd of your ropeChallenging (25G) popped up for completing my first session challenge which was after excelling on the Charleston Kick and later on I returned to COD Ghosts and soon unlocked End of your Rope (20G) for severing a grapple rope connected to an enemy.

Severed TiesAll or nothingAll of Nothing (20G) unlocked for completing the 'All of Nothing' level while Severed Ties (20G) popped up for completing the 'Severed Ties' level.

Tickets pleaseLoki Loki (20G) unlocked for completing the 'Loki' level while Tickets please (20G) unlocked for shooting the grapple guys off the side of the train.

AudiophileThe Ghost KillerThe Ghost Killer (20G) unlocked for completing 'The Ghost Killer' level and in doing so completed the single player campaign with the night coming to an end with the unlocking of Audiophile (15G) for collecting all 18 Rorke files.