Thursday, 19 December 2013

Windows 8 Combines With Kinect

Tee Hee HeeWake upAn early session on the Windows 8 version of Fruit Ninja saw an amazing 17 unlocks which began with Wake Up (10G) for getting a score of 0 with Tee Hee Hee (15G) popping up for getting a score of 69.

Fruit NinjaFruit FightFruit Fight (5G) punched in for killing 150 fruit in total and was swiftly followed by Fruit Ninja (5G) for getting a score of 50 in Classic mode.

Lucky NinjaYear of the DragonYear of the Dragon (15G) fired in for slicing the secret fruit while Lucky Ninja (10G) struck in for getting six criticals in a single round in Classic mode.

Fruit BlitzGo BananaGo Banana (5G) unlocked for killing ten bananas in a single round on Classic mode with Fruit Blitz (5G) popping up for killing 500 fruit.

Great Fruit NinjaUltimate Fruit NinjaUltimate Fruit Ninja (10G) unlocked for getting a score of 200 in Classic mode while Great Fruit Ninja  (5G) popped up for getting a score of 100 in Classic mode.

Fruit FrenzyAlmost a CenturyAlmost a Century (10G) unlocked for getting a score of 99 in Classic mode with Fruit Frenzy (5G) swishing in for killing a total of 1000 fruit.

Moment of Zen
Combo MamboMoment of Zen (15G) unlocked for scoring 200 in Zen mode with Combo Mambo (15G) popping up for slicing six fruit in a single combo.

Over Achiever
Are you kidding me?!Over Achiever (15G) unlocked for getting a score over 400 after all bonuses in Arcade mode while Are you kidding me? (10G) popped up for failing with the same score as my personal best which at the time was 220 on Zen.

Fruit Rampage in Fruit Ninja (Win 8)Debut License in Sonic Free RidersThe Windows 8 session ended with the unlocking of Fruit Rampage (10G) for killing a total of 5000 fruit. The evening session saw me resume the X360 Dash with a short Kinect session which began with Sonic Free Riders with a single unlock in the shape of Debut License (15G) for uploading a score to the leaderboards.

T GliderItem AttackCrossboard 7 lived up to its name with seven unlocks in a single race for an amazing 240G to end the night with the first unlock being Item Attack (10G) for a foot stomp after receiving an item while T Glider (10G) swept in for holding both arms out fully while in the air.

World DebutAir Trick Sideway ComboAir Trick Sideway Combo (40G) unlocked for performing an air trick with two consecutive horizontal rotations and landing safely with World Debut (30G) popping up for posting my first score on the leaderboards.

Triple Air TrickBoost MaxBoost Max (80G) unlocked for making a clean landing with a maxed boost bar and was instantly followed by Triple Air Trick (30G) which popped up for performing three tricks while twisting my body in the air.

Air Trick Vertical ComboThe night ended with the unlocking of Air Trick Vertical Combo (40G) for performing an air trick containing two vertical rotations and landing safely and sadly due to a busy day on Tuesday, my achievement streak went so a new one begins at 1 day and 25 unlocks.