Sunday, 1 December 2013

Dead Rising Survival Gold Ends November

As yesterday was the last day of the month, I looked to get as close as possible to finishing Dead Rising 3 completely but have reached 48/52 achievements with the final four needing a massive amount of time to earn so will be attempted further in the future so other games can be played.

Almost FamousGenius of Zombie SlayingFive achievements were unlocked taking the achievement streak to a stunning 200 in 42 days which is exceptional seeing as this year I only hit that over five months. Anyway, the unlocking began with Genius of Zombie Slaying (25G) for killing a total of 72,000 zombies while Almost Famous (25G) popped up for completing 25 PP trials.

Survival Training SpecialistCertified SurvivalistCertified Survivalist (5G) unlocked for earning 25 bronze medals in the Survival Training and was instantly joined by Surviving Training Specialist (10G) for earning 25 silver medals and to complete the set, Survival Training Master (20G) for earning 25 gold medals and closed the November achievement haul.

A selection of the successful training can be seen in the below video...