Friday, 20 December 2013

Sporting Fruit On Kinect

Windmill WonderAnd the Winner is…A session using Kinect saw seven unlocks across two games starting with Kinect Sports which was a really good workout beginning with And the Winner is ... (30G) for winning a Boxing match and was soon followed by Windmill Wonder (20G) for performing a windmill manoeuvre in Long Jump.

Pin WinJuggernautJuggernaut (20G) unlocked for winning a Hurdles race despite hitting every hurdle while Pin Win (30G) rolled in for winning a game of Bowling.

NetworkingUltra Combo!Ultra Combo (15G) unlocked for scoring a point from a perfect bump, set and spike in Volleyball with Networking (15G) popping up for performing a block move in Volleyball.

A quick go on Fruit Ninja Kinect saw a single unlock to end the night in the shape of Moment of Zen (10G) for reaching a score of over 200 on the Zen mode.