Friday, 13 December 2013

Peggle 2 Story Complete

Ace'd!TrolledA session on Peggle 2 saw nine unlocks and the completion of the story which paves the way for the launching of the X360 Dash but more on that tomorrow. Trolled (50G) unlocked for completing every level in Mountain Highs while Ace'd! (25G) swung in for beating my first Ace score.

Found Frozen FriendsSuperior ShotSuperior Shot (5G) unlocked for earning three free balls on a single shot with Found Frozen Friends (50G popping up for completing every level in Winter Blunderland.

Not Too ScaryFound So Many ContraptionsFound So Many Contraptions (50G) unlocked for completing every level in Gnorman's Gneighbourhood while Not Too Scary (50G) popped up for completing every level on  Gravely Grove.

Peggle MasterOpt-inOpt-in (25G) unlocked for completing 30 optional objectives soon followed by Peggle Master (100G) for completing every level Celestial Realm level.

The night ended with the unlocking of Institutionalized (25G) for completing every trial in the Peggle Institute and in doing so brought the achievement streak up to 274 in 55 days with the target of 300 in 60 days still a possibility.