Sunday, 8 December 2013

Madden 25 Downloads To Reach 50 Day Streak

FeedbackTakerAn early morning session on Madden 25 saw four unlocks while using the community mode to upload and download files. Taker (10G) unlocked for downloading a piece of content from Madden Share while Feedback (10G) popped up for giving a rating to the content that I had downloaded.

Quality GiftGiverGiver (10G) unlocked for uploading a piece of content to Madden Share and the final achievement was Quality Gift (10G) for downloading a total of three files from Madden Share.

The day also included a three game run on Madden 25's Franchise mode and also a session on FIFA 14's Career mode but sadly no unlocks popped up so it was more of an effort to future unlockings.

The achievement streak hit a milestone as it stretched to 50 days with 227 achievements obtained at a brilliant average of 4.5 per day.