Saturday, 26 July 2014

Rayman Legends Combines With Windows 8

Mad world!Mad world!The day began with a session on Rayman Legends which resulted in eight unlocks beginning with Challenger (20G) for unlocking all of the Challenge paintings with Let him do the job (10G) popping up for letting the chasing Luchador kill 10 enemies. 

Mad world!Mad world! Mad world! (10G) unlocked for completing the Mariachi Madness painting while Bouncing Island (10G) popped up after collecting all of the lums above the bouncing island. 

Mad world!Mad world! Watch out! (10G) unlocked for killing 10 Toads using their electric projectiles and was soon followed by Rubber Ducks (10G) for destroying five Rubber Ducks sent by Sharkmen.

Mad world!Mad world!Teensies' hero (30G) unlocked after successfully rescuing 300 Teensies with the session coming to an end after Princess savior! (20G) popped up for rescuing all 10 princesses. 

Speed DemonCame to PlayNext up was a new and free Windows 8 game in the shape of Microsoft Jigsaw and a short session resulted in five unlocks starting with Came to Play (5G) for playing the first Daily Challenge and swiftly followed by Speed Demon (10G) for completing a Jigsaw Jam with three or more minutes to spare on the clock.

ShareInto a Jam
Into a Jam (5G) unlocked after completing the first pack of Jigsaw Jam with Share (10G) popping up after creating a puzzle and exporting it.

First Unlock
Undertaker in Tentacles: Enter the Mind (Win 8)First Unlock (5G) ended the session after unlocking a puzzle in Classic Jigsaw and then a quick go on Tentacles:Enter the Mind saw a single unlock in the shape of Undertaker (10G) for picking up three tombstones without dying.